Colette Gréco-Riddle


Following a professional career in France and Canada, Colette Gréco-Riddle completed two degrees in Art History and Visual Arts at the University of Ottawa graduating in 2000.

Her work has evolved from realistic representations of the observed world to abstract and organic forms. This creative process is not driven by a methodology or a rigid approach but from the stimulation of daily life with its personal encounters and contextual impressions. There is no fixed timetable rather her oil paintings, prints and mixed media are journeys of days, weeks or months that result in a unique artistic rendering.  Her work is characterized by bold vivid colours, defined shapes and forms, unexpected introspective detail.  She experiments to capture a perspective that is not readily discernable, rather is nuanced, subtle and resolutely engaging.

Colette has exhibited in Ottawa (Atrium Gallery, Gallery Jean-Claude Bergeron, Snapdragon, The Sussex Gallery, Alliance française) and in Toronto (Canvas Gallery, Muse Gallery).  She has participated in Group shows in Vancouver and Alberta (BIMPE), in Ottawa (Sussex Gallery, Bourget-5, Ottawa Art Gallery and Karsh-Masson) and community events (Opera Lyra, Elizabeth Fry).  Colette has also exhibited in France (Nice), USA (Philadelphia) and England (Suffolk).

Her art is appreciated by individuals (Canada, France, USA, Ireland, England, Australia, Czech Republic, Estonia), by institutions (City of Ottawa) and by corporations (Canadian Medical Protective Association, Fotenn Consultants Inc., Ottawa Fibre Inc., Modern Niagara Ottawa Inc., Parallel45 Design Group).

Colette is a 15 year member of Enriched Bread Artists, an Ottawa based collective of 22 persons committed to creative contemporary art.

Artist Statement

As a contemporary abstract artist, my creative process involves an interaction between the chosen medium and serendipitous emotions. The work slowly evolves and is revealed through colour, juxtaposition of shapes, texture, play of light, enigmatic detail and eventually an intuitive realization that it is complete.  It is not a eureka moment but a quiet sometimes unexpected arrival. My intention is to experiment with unique themes and impressions using different techniques that result in landscapes, still life images, the human form, whimsical perspectives. These oil paintings, prints and mixed media works present the observed world, fleetingly revealed images, elements of remembered detail, somber interludes, temporal events that merge and reappear.


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I would like to acknowledge the Ontario Arts Council for their financial support of my exhibitions, David Barbour who for many years has documented my work and finally for the constructive input of my art colleagues and friends.

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